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Circuit initiation or personalized coaching - Mertens Riding School

Circuit initiation or personalized coaching

Calendar 2024
MRS TrackDay 01 April
Mettet XP Speed 17 April
YAMAHA Day - meal offered 03 May
Mettet XP Speed 06 May
Stage 1 day 21 May
Mettet XP Speed 22 May
Mettet XP Speed 03 June
MRS TrackDay 08 June
MRS TrackDay 09 June
Stage 1 day 25 June
Mettet XP Speed 26 June
Mettet XP Speed 01 July
FRANCORCHAMPS 2 days Trackday 08 July
FRANCORCHAMPS Trackday of monday 08 July
FRANCORCHAMPS Trackday of Tuesday 09 July
Stage 1 day 16 July
Mettet XP Speed 17 July
Mettet XP Speed 21 August
Stage 2 days 22 August
Mettet XP Speed 02 September
MOTOREN&TOERISME TrackDay 07 September
D.O.C. Belgium TrackDay Experience 08 September
Mettet XP Speed 18 September
Mettet XP Speed 30 September
Mettet XP Speed 14 October
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Très belle journée, entouré de gens super sympa ;-)

Ik ben helemaal nieuw in het rijden op circuit dus hoopte op een goede begeleiding van de Mertens...

Une superbe journée avec Mertens Riding School et très bonne ambiance !

Bonne organisation, accueil sympathique. Respect des horaires. Attentif à la...

Quelle parfaite journée !! Si vous hésitez à participer aux Trackday, ne...


Our coachings

Initially reserved for high level athletes, sports coaching has quickly become a more democratic activity accessible to most of us.

How many times have you thought about improving your driving skills without really deciding to do so? How many driving sessions have you gone through only to realize that the results you were hoping for are insignificant?

Our coaching packages provide you with everything you've been missing until now; whether it be group or personalized follow-up, flexible programs, accessibility and motivation.
Coaching with the Mertens Riding School means giving yourself the means to surpass yourself without overdoing it, which is why we do everything we can to make things easier and, above all, more effective for you.
Today, our coaching sessions are more relevant than ever. Find out more about your options:

  • Supervision « circuit initiation » (level 1)
  • Supervision « personalized coaching » with camera (levels 2-3-4)

Supervision « circuit initiation »:

If you are a road user or a beginner rider and are coming to ride on a circuit for the first time, this initiation is mandatory.

For a small additional fee, take advantage of this group coaching module to optimize your first contacts with the track.

You will be guided and observed by an instructor throughout the morning.
You will discover the essential bases such as safety instructions, good attitudes, ideal positions, trajectories, safe overtaking,... allowing you to better understand the control and the piloting of a motorcycle on circuit, and to share the track in harmony with others.

Pedagogy adapted to each level.

Nb: The supervision circuit initiation is not a stage. The educational program, the ratio of pilots to instructors and the use of the track - including timing - are specifically different. Nevertheless, the circuit initiation is interesting for any refresher course or global evaluation on driving techniques. Personal correction for security mainly.

Level 1 - Beginner circuit.
Supervision Group supervision - Fundamentals to discover safe piloting
When During the Trackdays in the morning, 3 runs and 3 debriefings
Price 45 €

Supervision « personalized coaching »:

Here is the VIP formula to evolve quickly and safely!

After the fundamental knowledge of a driving course, this more personalized formula is ideal for pilots who are looking to improve their performance while keeping their safety margins.

Stéphane Mertens and his instructors offer you personalized coaching sessions during the Trackdays in Mettet.

An instructor leads a group of up to three pilots of a similar level.

Careful program : First briefing - 3 x 20' on circuit with your instructor - 3 debriefings between sessions. Observations, evaluations and on-board camera. Performance priority to be defined.

Fully personalized coaching as an option.

Level 2 - 3 - 4
Supervision Accompaniment on the track and personalized debriefings - Camera -
When During the Trackdays - per half day.
Price 190 €
coaching_personnel2 debriefing

Supervision « driving and advice » at Spa-Francorchamps:

During the MRS Trackday at Spa-Francorchamps, a specific « driving and advice » coaching is offered to beginners only.

Supervision consists of:

  • Alternating 2 driving sessions and 3 educational workshops in the morning.
  • Analysis of the circuit turn by turn.
  • Cues, trajectories, speed, position, braking, etc.
  • Tips and tricks of the trail.
  • personalized corrections regarding safety margins.

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