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Discover our range of services - Mertens Riding School

Discover our range of services

Calendar 2023
Mettet Speed Trackday 03 April
Mettet Speed Trackday 17 April
Mettet Speed Trackday 03 May
Stage 1 day 11 May
YAMAHA Day - meal offered 12 May
Mettet Speed Trackday 15 May
Stage 1 day 06 June
Mettet Speed Trackday 07 June
Mettet Speed Trackday 21 June
MRS TrackDay 24 June
MRS TrackDay 25 June
Stage 1 day 04 July
Mettet Speed Trackday 05 July
FRANCORCHAMPS Monday Trackday 10 July
FRANCORCHAMPS 2 days Trackday 10 July
FRANCORCHAMPS Tuesday Trackday 11 July
Mettet Speed Trackday 17 July
Mettet Speed Trackday 21 August
Stage 2 days 22 August
Mettet Speed Trackday 06 September
MOTOREN&TOERISME TrackDay 09 September
D.O.C. Belgium TrackDay Experience 10 September
Mettet Speed Trackday 20 September
Mettet Speed Trackday 02 October
Mettet Speed Trackday 16 October
Customer satisfaction ★★★★☆


Une première pour moi de venir rouler sur circuit.
J'ai été...

Très bon moment encore une fois avec vous par une belle journée ensoleillée !

Merci pour ce stage, encore un super moment en sécurité avec la team Mertens Riding...

Zeer fijne dag beleefd samen met mijn zoon dankzij de crew en organisatie van Mertens Riding...

Mon premier stage, ambiance parfaite et bcp appris. Merci pour cette journée ;-)


Our services

The Mertens Riding School is also a series of services offered.

Tire Service: DUNLOP

assistance_mecanique-pneuOur technical truck will be present on each day.

You can inflate your tires to the ideal pressure, have them mounted or buy new ones.

For a purchase, it is recommended to contact us before the event.


  • Suitable for all activities. The timing allows to control the good homogeneity of the groups in order to optimize the safety and the pleasure for all.
  • The groups are reconstituted at mid-day.

Medical Assistance: Belgium driving aid a.S.B.L.

35_doctorThe medical assistance is composed – at least – of a doctor, two nurses and an ambulance.

The medical center is located on the first floor of the tower.

Equipment rental -> mandatory protection elements :

HELMET Modular tolerated Integral mandatory
It must be strapped in and its visor lowered upon entering the track.
Its validity date, approval and condition can be checked at any time.
GO PRO cameras cannot be attached to it.
SUIT Pants + jacket attached to textiles tolerated A mandatory leather one piece
Must be closed upon entering the runway.
Jeans pants are not allowed.
BOOT Rigid and tall Rigid and tall
High motorcycle sneakers and short boots or booties are not allowed.
GLOVE In leather for motorcycle use In leather with anti-abrasion reinforcement
DORSALE Integrated into the jacket Removable shell

If you are unable to meet these requirements, you have the option of renting a full or partial piece of equipment when booking online or on site.
A full set of equipment costs 50€/d.
Separately, the leather suit costs 30€/d with a deposit of 100€ payable in cash at the reception.
Boots, gloves and helmets are available for 7,5€/d per item.

Motorcycle rental: YAMAHA YZF-R7 & YZF-R3

We provide two Yamaha motorcycles for each of our track activities.
The reservation of the motorcycles is made via our website at the same time as your reservation for the activity and the equipment.


Yamaha YZF-R7

Rate : 400€/d including gasoline
Bond : 3000€ by bank transfer on notification mail 2 weeks before the ride.
Spécifications :

Type : Hypersport
Brand : Yamaha
Model : YZF-R7
Cylinder : 700 cc
Year : 2021

(See the terms and conditions in the rental agreement in PDF)

Yamaha YZF-R3

Rate : 300€/d including gasoline
Bond : 2000€ by bank transfer on notification mail 2 weeks before the ride.
Spécifications :

Type : Hypersport
Brand : Yamaha
Model : YZF-R3
Cylinder : 320 cc
Year : 2019

(See the terms and conditions in the rental agreement in PDF)


Photographer: In action !

photographeA photo service allows you to leave with your best moments in pictures. For all online orders, here are the coordinates of Marc Bossiroy's website : www.mbo-photos.be

Catering: Get your strength back !

  • Snacks and drinks available at the circuit cafeteria. Reservation of your meal on espace-diabolo.
  • Stages: Dish of the day to be reserved when you register.

Insurance: On all our day

  • Personal accident insurance : Can be subscribed when you book online or in the morning on site. (agreement sample)
  • Cancellation/interruption insurance : Can be subscribed at least one month before the day with our partner Assuracing.