YAMAHA Day - meal offered

Calendar 2023
Mettet Speed Trackday 03 April
Mettet Speed Trackday 17 April
Mettet Speed Trackday 03 May
Stage 1 day 11 May
YAMAHA Day - meal offered 12 May
Mettet Speed Trackday 15 May
Stage 1 day 06 June
Mettet Speed Trackday 07 June
Mettet Speed Trackday 21 June
MRS TrackDay 24 June
MRS TrackDay 25 June
Stage 1 day 04 July
Mettet Speed Trackday 05 July
FRANCORCHAMPS Monday Trackday 10 July
FRANCORCHAMPS 2 days Trackday 10 July
FRANCORCHAMPS Tuesday Trackday 11 July
Mettet Speed Trackday 17 July
Mettet Speed Trackday 21 August
Stage 2 days 22 August
Mettet Speed Trackday 06 September
MOTOREN&TOERISME TrackDay 09 September
D.O.C. Belgium TrackDay Experience 10 September
Mettet Speed Trackday 20 September
Mettet Speed Trackday 02 October
Mettet Speed Trackday 16 October
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Weer een prima dag rijden bedank aan het hele team !

Première fois sur piste avec ma StreetFighter.
Première chute en moto dans un...

Hartelijk dank Wim voor de goede begelijding ;-)

Equipe et organisation au top. continuez comme ça !

Merci à Eric ainsi qu'à toute l'équipe pour cet encadrement...




The pilots presenting themselves at the track entrance with a motorcycle
of another brand will be denied access.



ENTER THE YAMAHA WORLD and take advantage of the various services and motorcycle tests offered to participants:

  • BBQ meal and coffee offered (value 25€)
  • Introduction to the circuit" offered for the "beginner" group (value 40€)
  • Free admission for accompanying persons
  • Presence of the Yamaha Demo Ride Tour and Ténéré Tour
    Possibility of a free test ride on one of the different Yamaha models around the circuit or an off-road ride on the Ténéré 700.
    Information and registration via the links Demo Ride Tour and Ténéré Tour.
  • Tests of the Supersport models R1, R1 GYTR, R6 GYTR, R7 on the circuit during your riding session (registration on site)
  • Presence of Yamaha dealers and the Yamaha Benelux team
  • Biker and family atmospher

Whether you are a « road » or « sport » biker, beginner or experienced, enjoy these exclusive days on the magnificent circuit of Mettet!

  • 4 groups of levels (beginner - intermediate - advanced - expert).
  • Maximum 35 pilots per group.
  • 6 sessions of 20 minutes for each group.
1. « Beginner » : cool pace - road bikers welcome -.
Option : « Circuit initiation » supervision, mandatory for bikers who discover circuit riding for the first time.
2. « Intermediate » :  moderate pace - road users and experienced riders -.
Option: « Personalized coaching ».
3. « Advanced » : Sporting rhythm mainly intended for « pistards »
Option: « Personalized coaching ».
4. « Expert » : hyper sporty rhythm.
Option: « Personalized coaching ».

Supervision « Initiation circuit »

coaching_globalFocused on the basic rules of driving on a circuit and on safety, the group will be supervised by an instructor during the morning on the track and during 3 educational workshops.
This supervision is mandatory for motorcyclists who are new to track riding for the first time.
(More info)

Supervision « Personalized Coaching »


After the fundamental knowledge of a driving course, this more individual formula is ideal for pilots who are looking to improve their performance while keeping their safety margins.

The coaching takes place by ½ day, in the afternoon, that is to say 3 sessions of driving and 3 debriefings.
Use of an onboard camera.
Maximum 3 riders of the same level per instructor.
(More info)


  • Free ride = 135 €.
  • Option « circuit initiation » = Offered by the Mertens Riding School (Mandatory for the « 1st time on circuit »)
  • « Personalized coaching » option = 180 €.

Mandatory Briefing

briefingYou will start the day with a briefing on the safety instructions on the track and the course of the day.


  • 07:30 – Beginning of the reception for the administrative formalities and the delivery of the transponder (see timing of your group)
  • 08:25 – 1st Briefing...
  • 09:00 – Opening of the track
  • 13:00 – Closing of the trac
    Reconstitution of the groups for the afternoon
  • 14:00 – Opening of the track
  • 18:00 – End

Sound standards

Static: 94 dB - Dynamic : 101 dB
Original exhaust or dB Killer required for racing exhaust.
Strict controls will be carried out during the day. The motorcyclist who is not in exhaust order or who is too noisy will be forbidden access to the track without refund.


Visitors are also welcome and are not forgotten...

  • Baptism in duo

    We offer you the possibility of a 5 lap passenger flight with one of our instructors. Price : 79 €

    You can book your baptism via this page.


  • Transponders to control the homogeneity of the groups.
    Reconstitution of the groups for the afternoon.
  • Dunlop Technical and Tire Service.
  • Medical service, quick interventions, 2 ambulances, nurse and doctor.
  • Photo service (www.mbo-photos.be)
  • Garage rental.
  • Motorcycle rental Yamaha R7 and R3.
  • Baptisms.
  • Catering: Snacks and drinks available at the circuit cafeteria. Reservation of your meal on espace-diabolo.
  • Lodging the day before possible, arrival after 19:00.

(More info)