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Frequently Asked Questions - Mertens Riding School

Frequently Asked Questions

Calendar 2024
MRS TrackDay 01 April
Mettet XP Speed 17 April
YAMAHA Day - meal offered 03 May
Mettet XP Speed 06 May
Stage 1 day 21 May
Mettet XP Speed 22 May
Mettet XP Speed 03 June
MRS TrackDay 08 June
MRS TrackDay 09 June
Stage 1 day 25 June
Mettet XP Speed 26 June
Mettet XP Speed 01 July
FRANCORCHAMPS 2 days Trackday 08 July
FRANCORCHAMPS Trackday of monday 08 July
FRANCORCHAMPS Trackday of Tuesday 09 July
Stage 1 day 16 July
Mettet XP Speed 17 July
Mettet XP Speed 21 August
Stage 2 days 22 August
Mettet XP Speed 02 September
MOTOREN&TOERISME TrackDay 07 September
D.O.C. Belgium TrackDay Experience 08 September
Mettet XP Speed 18 September
Mettet XP Speed 30 September
Mettet XP Speed 14 October
Customer satisfaction ★★★★★


Très belle journée, entouré de gens super sympa ;-)

Ik ben helemaal nieuw in het rijden op circuit dus hoopte op een goede begeleiding van de Mertens...

Une superbe journée avec Mertens Riding School et très bonne ambiance !

Bonne organisation, accueil sympathique. Respect des horaires. Attentif à la...

Quelle parfaite journée !! Si vous hésitez à participer aux Trackday, ne...



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Are accompanying persons allowed?

Companions are welcome!

  • Children must be accompanied and supervised at all times by a responsible adult.
  • Pets must be kept on a leash at all times.
  • Children and animals are not allowed in the pit lane.
Are you wearing a non-zipped jacket and jeans

Unfortunately we cannot accept this type of clothing on the track.

At the very least, you will need a road suit with protection and a zip.

We can provide you with a one piece leather suit for 30€ per day.

Can I join the waiting list?

When an event is full, it is possible to register on a waiting list.

If a place becomes available, a replacement will be found according to the following criteria :

  • the date of the reservation,
  • the level sought,
  • the amount available in the kitty for a « last day » replacement.

Participation is not guaranteed, the Mertens Riding School is the only authority that has the power of decision on the choice of the replacement.

If you are selected, you will receive a payment notice or you will be automatically registered if the requested amount is available in your kitty. You will then receive a confirmation of your registration by e-mail.
Any request to cancel this registration will not be accepted.

Can I make a reservation for a third party?

For reasons of security as well as administrative and organizational management, it is not possible to make reservations for a third party.

If you want to offer it to a friend or a relative, we have implemented a gift voucher system for this purpose: Gift voucher

Can I register and pay on the spot?
For administrative reasons, registrations and payments can only be made via our website.
Can I sell my registration?

If you want to sell your riding day, this is possible if the buyer has the same riding level as you and an account at Mertens Riding School.

You can arrange the payment with the buyer and then send us the buyer's name by email.

We will adjust all the administration in our computer system and send him the relevant information when the time comes.

Can I share an inscription?
This is STRICTLY PROHIBITED for safety and insurance reasons
Can I use an on-board camera?

We have not received a ban from the Mettet circuit, so without a counter order it is OK.

Most of the riders fix their camera on their helmet, but the safest way in case of a crash is to fix it on the bike.

Can we use several motorbikes?

This is possible and in this case you can request a second set of numbers at the registration desk.

The transponder must be changed during the sessions.

Change my personal data
You can change your personal data (address, phone number, e-mail address etc.) and possibly the emergency contact data as well as your level of experience in the tab "My profile". of your "Personal Page".
Do I need R.C. insurance? ?

R.C. insurance (third party liability), which is mandatory on all tours, is organized for you by the Mertens Riding School and is already included in the registration fee for all our events.

Therefore, you are not obliged to take out your own liability insurance. nor to be in possession of a racing license or PASS CIRCUIT to participate in our driving days.

Do I need to bring drinks and food?

Every morning until 10am, a welcome coffee will be offered near the MRS truck. A water fountain will be at your disposal all day long.

During our training courses and eventdays we provide a small catering between 13:00 and 14:00.
You will have the opportunity to register yourself and any accompanying persons when you book online or on site with our team.

Do you allow high boots?

We don't allow boots, but we do allow boots that go up over the shin.

If needed, we have some for rent for the day.

Do you record the times?

In order to homogenize the groups and thus increase safety, Mertens Riding School organizes the riders in the group according to the times registered in our database or the times specified at registration.

You can consult the best times of your previous participations in the Mertens Riding School days by visiting the "My times" tab of your "Personal Page".

As of 2019, they are also available on the SPEEDHIVE website by creating your account there or with the SPEEDHIVE smartphone APP.

Thus, you can look at all the times of all our events and by clicking on your name, you can look in detail at your lap times.

Do you supply the gasoline?

We ask you to refuel your motorcycle every morning and noon in order to avoid running out of gas on the track and causing a yellow flag.

If you have a transport, we strongly recommend that you bring gas cans so that you don't have to leave the circuit.
Otherwise, a gas station is located 500m from the entrance of the circuit of Mettet.

If you rent a motorcycle, gasoline is included in the rental price and our team will fill up the tank for you.

Event cancelled due to covid-19

Due to the current Coronavirus epidemic, we would like to reassure all bikers who have booked riding days at the Mertens Riding Scool.

After each cancelled day, we will put the money back in your kitty, so that you can use it for a next reservation as soon as the situation allows it.

How can I see if my place is blocked?

After logging in on our website, go to the "My reservations" tab of your "Personal Page".

You will be able to see your current reservations and their status.

A sheet with all its details is available in PDF format for each one.

How do I cancel my registration?

As indicated in the general conditions that each pilot must read and check for approval when registering, 2 cases are considered:

  • Up to 20 days before the event, you can cancel by mail according to 3 options:
    • Postponement to an identical event that is not complete,
    • Transfer to the kitty exempt from 30 € for administrative costs, (we will then release your place for another pilot)
    • Possible replacement by a motorcyclist of the same level. **
  • Less than 20 days before the event, no cancellation or postponement possible but possible replacement by a rider of the same level**:
    • You find a replacement. You will then have to provide us with his contact information in order to proceed with the modification of the registration. To do so, he must have created a profile on our website. This person will make arrangements with you for payment.
    • We find a replacement. We will proceed to the modification of the registration and we will transfer the amount of the registration in your kitty with an administrative withdrawal of 30€.

Most of the drivers put their day of riding for sale on their social networks.
Indicate the date of your ride, your level and the price you would like to have.
If you have found a registered buyer at Mertens Riding school, you must inform us by email.

How do I get a refund?

No refund requests will be considered.

However, more than 20 days before the activity, we can credit your kitty with the amount of your reservation, minus a 30 € administration fee.

This credit can be used for any other activity of your choice.

How long are we on the track?
The riding times are divided into 6 sessions of 20 minutes, 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.
How to compare coaching and stage ?

But how do you compare « coaching » and « stage » ?

« circuit initiation » coaching :

  • Collective and interactive pedagogy on the attitude of the pilot.
  • Individual corrections concerning security only.
  • 3 runs of 20 minutes accompanied.
  • 3 debriefings of 20 minutes.
  • Maximum 35 pilots per instructor.

Personalized Coaching :

  • Coaching focused on the cognitive development of the pilot, the construction of his objectives.
  • Process considering all the piloting techniques.
  • 3 runs of 20 minutes accompanied.
  • Audio-visual support and onboard camera 1 run minimum.
  • 3 debriefings of 20 minutes.
  • Maximum 3 pilots per instructor.


  • Specific program and methodology.
  • Sharing personal and collective development.
  • Separate and progressive exercises.
  • 8 x 20' of driving - 1 day course.
  • 14 x 20' of driving - 2 day course.
  • 6 debriefings with individual corrections.
  • Re-evaluations on 2-day courses.
  • Audio-visual teaching aids including a camera on the edge of the track.
  • On-board camera for the 2-day courses.
  • Reconstitution of the groups in the afternoon.
  • Maximum 12 pilots per instructor.
I can't find my invoices

Your invoices are prepared on the basis of the information you provided at the time of your reservation, and sent by email by our accounting department within 8 days AFTER the event.

They are not available in our database.

Is it possible to share a motorcycle?

It is possible if you are registered in 2 different groups.

Only the transponder of the rider on the track can be attached to the motorcycle.

The transponders must therefore be changed at each change of driver.

Is there any accommodation available?

You can set up your camping equipment in the paddock from 21h00 the day before.

Alternatively, you can find accommodation in the vicinity on our Mettet circuit description page.

Is trackday safe for a novice?

By choosing the coaching "circuit initiation", you will evolve in complete safety.

Although the approach to riding on a circuit is different from riding a motorcycle on the road, the instructor's speech will be adapted to the participants' expectations.

You should also know that our focus is on control and the right attitude. Speed is never a priority.

Noise pollution to be avoided

Noise pollution is one of the main enemies of the sustainability of motor sport in general and particularly for the circuit of Mettet.

During the static sound test, the motorcycle must not exceed 94 dB and 101 dB in dynamic.

If this is not the case, an effective dB-Killer must be adapted.

Road biker but never on the track

First of all, we would advise you to participate in a Trackday with "circuit initiation" coaching.

It is a day composed of 6 free runs of 20 minutes each.
These sessions are divided according to the level of experience of each participant.
The coaching is provided by an instructor who accompanies you during 3 sessions alternating with theoretical courses providing the essential basics - for a good start on the track while maintaining safety margins - without going into detail about the driving technique.

Secondly and ideally, participate in a one-day stage - beginner level - based on riding and correction.

The trail is considered a closed road.
We discuss - in detail - various control techniques, including heavy braking.
Observations or corrections are made in the rhythm of our driving sessions.

In third grade, participate in a two-day stage.

This one is even more fleshed out and therefore more intense.
Our courses are alternated with driving sessions and theory in the classroom.

TrackDay or Event Day?

The two types of activity are quite similar:

  • A "TrackDay" is a free riding day organised during the week, either on Monday or Wednesday.
  • An "Event Day" is a free riding day organised on a weekend or a public holiday.
    Our "Event Days" are often named after one of our partners.
    The price is higher on a weekend or public holiday.
    During the "Event Days" a caterer organises the lunch: BBQ, paella, couscous...

The supervision programmes and the services available are identical.

What are the groups for?

At each event, all pilots are divided into 4 different groups according to their time or level, from the slowest to the fastest.

During the trackdays at the circuit of Mettet, the groups are composed of 35 drivers, the 35 slowest drivers will be placed in the first group, the next 35 fastest drivers in the second group, and so on.

The optimal distribution of the groups increases the level of safety, reduces the number of situations where red and yellow flags are waved, and therefore guarantees more driving time for everyone.

Drivers caught riding without a transponder or swapping transponders with another driver will be excluded from the day!

What are the payment methods?

Possible methods of payment for a reservation:

- In advance online: bank transfer, credit card or debit card.

- On the day, subject to availability: cash only.

Our account will not be credited before the start of the activity and any "wild" payment does not replace a reservation or a confirmation of registration. 

Past experience has taught us to respect this framework in order to avoid any misunderstanding or administrative error.

What does individual insurance cover?

Only the Mettet circuit offers hospitalization insurance for 17 € per day.
This insurance is not compulsory but is recommended if you do not have suitable hospital insurance.

If you wish to take out this insurance for the chosen ride day, we ask you to fill in the Mettet insurance document received by email with your "useful information" and bring it with you. You will also find the document in our downloadable documents.

In case you forget, it can also be taken out on the spot and paid for in cash.

What equipment is allowed?

All CE approved motorbike clothing is allowed but more specifically according to the group: 

  • BEGINNER: Tolerance for two pieces attached in leather or synthetic. Modular helmet tolerated. Back protection compulsory.
  • INTERMEDIATE: Full leather suit (Tolerance for the two attached pieces) and full face helmet. Back protection mandatory.
  • CONFIRMED: Full leather suit, full helmet, leather gloves and boots, back protection mandatory.
  • EXPERT: Full leather suit, full helmet, leather gloves and boots, back protection mandatory.
What is the payment procedure?

To be able to participate in the Mertens Riding School rides, you need to make a reservation via the "My reservations" tab on your "Personal page" on our website.

As soon as you have registered your booking, you will be redirected to a secure payment system that accepts credit cards, debit cards or bank transfers.

Please keep in mind that confirmation of your registration will only be sent by e-mail if the amount has arrived on the account of Mertens Riding School.

At any time you can follow the status of your booking by going to the tab "My bookings" on your "Personal page".

What is the timing of the day?

For all our days, the arrival and driving times will be communicated to you in an email sent about 2 days before the activity.

You will also receive a paper schedule at the reception desk.

For our 2-day courses, you can, if you wish, stay on site between the 2 days and spend the night there.

What type of motorbike do you accept?

With the exception of scooters and choppers, all types of motorbikes are accepted as long as they can reach 150km/h in a straight line and :

  • it is in good general condition,
  • that its tyres and brake pads are new or in very good condition,
  • that the headlights are taped and the mirrors are folded (or removed if not foldable).

If you fail to do so, we expressly reserve the right not to accept you for the activity.
In this case, no money will be refunded.

If your motorbike does not correspond to these criteria, we can offer you a rental (subject to availability).

When do we change groups?

The optimal distribution of the groups increases the level of safety, reduces the number of situations where red and yellow flags are waved, and consequently guarantees more riding time for everyone.

To this end, mandatory group changes will take place based on the times measured by our transponders in the morning.

These changes apply to ALL PILOTS participating in our ride days.

These group changes will take place each time during the lunch break (and during registration on the morning of day 2 of a 2-day event).

Please come to the registration desk WITH YOUR OLD GROUP STICKER to exchange it for your new sticker.

The number and transponder you received at the beginning of the day must remain on the bike.

When do we receive the useful information?

Practical information about your day is sent by email 2 days before the event.

It mainly contains the meeting time at the registration desk, the entry code to the paddock, your riding group and the documents to be signed.

When will the calendar be published?

As usual, each year the new calendar is posted on our website in early December.

Usually 90% of our dates have been confirmed by the circuits and registrations can be opened.

Why is supervision imposed on me?

The "initiation circuit" is compulsory and automatic for motorcyclists who ride for the first time on a circuit.

If this is your case, you must take this course, only for your first time.
All morning an instructor will supervise you on the track and in the classroom in order to allow you to start riding on a circuit with the right safety basics.


Can I drive during the baptism?
Unfortunately for insurance reasons, the school's motorbikes can only be ridden by our instructors.
Can we have a baptism at the weekend?

The baptisms take place mainly during the "Mettet XP Speed"; either on Monday or Wednesday. These are programmed on our calendar.

They can also take place during one of our Event Days in Mettet.

Do you take an English-speaking passenger?
What is a first runway experience?

The motorbike baptism takes place over 5 laps of the track as a passenger behind one of our instructors and on one of our motorbikes.

The pace - always progressive - will be chosen by the passenger according to his emotional level ;)

Full leather gear is mandatory as well as a full face helmet. If the passenger is not equipped, we lend the equipment. The passenger can select the items that fit him/her at the time of booking.

To make a booking, simply follow the procedure on the home page of our website.

We will need to agree a date and time by email.

Accompanying persons are welcome. The infrastructure of the Mettet circuit allows you to watch the track while being sheltered.


How do I use my gift certificate?
  1. When registering for an activity, the system invites you to create your personal page by completing your profile.
    Through this procedure, you will be assigned a customer number.
    This same number is also your "Kitty" number.
  2. By entering the voucher code - and clicking on [validate] - you credit your kitty with the amount of the voucher.
    When booking an activity, our system will count the balance to be paid.

Please note that only the balance of the prize pool can be used to confirm an entry.
Case study :

  • If the balance is insufficient, you will be prompted to make up the balance before confirming your registration.
  • If the balance is sufficient, the system will instantly confirm your registration.
  • If you have a surplus balance, it can be used for any other activity.
    An e-mail confirming your registration will be sent to you as soon as we are able to link the total amount of the booking with the full payment.
How long is a gift certificate valid for?

The gift certificate is valid for one year from the date of issue.

However, the beneficiary can go to our website and log in to their account or register to create a customer account which is equivalent to a kitty.
In their "My Kitty" page, they simply need to mention the gift certificate code and credit the kitty by clicking on "validate".
This amount can be used for any activity of their choice, even the following year.

I would like to offer a gift certificate

To offer a gift voucher, simply order it HERE.
As soon as we receive your payment, we will send you the gift certificate by email in PDF format.

Our prices for 2024:

  • Mettet Speed Trackday: 135 € (presale) for 6x20' of riding.
  • MRS Trackday (weekend & public holiday): 155 € (in presale) for 6x20' of driving.
  • Global coaching - "initiation circuit": 45 € (½ day)
  • Personalized coaching : 190 € (½ day)
  • 1 day course : 330 € (half day)
  • 2-day course: 620 € (1 day)
  • Baptism in passenger for 5 laps + loan of complete equipment : 79 €.

Options :

  • Individual insurance: 17 €/day
  • Lunch and drink on course : 15 €/day
  • BBQ on Trackday MRS (weekend & public holiday): 20 €.
  • Full equipment rental: 50 €/day


Are pitboxes available?

The circuit of Mettet allows us to rent 4 boxes.

They can hold 4 motorbikes and can be booked at the same time as your riding day for 130 € / day.

Can I buy souvenir photos?

During the event, our regular photographer Marc Bossiroy will be present in the paddock with his mobile lab.

You will be able to order the action pictures on paper or on USB key.

If you missed it, no problem, two or three days later they will be available on his website: http://www.lamapix.com/vente-ligne/index.php

Can we rent a motorbike?

We rent two Yamaha YZF motorbikes:

  • an R3 model 2019 at the price of 300€/dr petrol included. A deposit of 2.000€ is required before the ride.
  • a R7 model 2020 at a price of 400€/dr petrol included. A deposit of 3.000€ is to be deposited before the race.

In case of a crash, this deposit will be kept until the Mertens Riding School issues a repair estimate corresponding to the damage caused by the crash. The client must pay the amount of the estimate if it is less than the amount of the deposit. Otherwise the deposit will be cashed.

Do you have a tyre service?

A tyre service is available at all our events.

Our tyre service always has the most common tyres, but you can order them by email to info@mertensschool.com at least 3 days before the event.

They are payable, as well as the mounting, in cash on site.

Is there a locker room for bikers?
Unfortunately, there is no locker for backpacks and accessories for riders coming by motorbike, but usually the classroom on the first floor does the trick.

If the information you are looking for is not listed in the "Frequently Asked Questions", you can use our contact form to send us your inquiry.