Reservation and payment procedure

Calendar 2023
Mettet Speed Trackday 03 April
Mettet Speed Trackday 17 April
Mettet Speed Trackday 03 May
Stage 1 day 11 May
YAMAHA Day - meal offered 12 May
Mettet Speed Trackday 15 May
Stage 1 day 06 June
Mettet Speed Trackday 07 June
Mettet Speed Trackday 21 June
MRS TrackDay 24 June
MRS TrackDay 25 June
Stage 1 day 04 July
Mettet Speed Trackday 05 July
FRANCORCHAMPS Monday Trackday 10 July
FRANCORCHAMPS 2 days Trackday 10 July
FRANCORCHAMPS Tuesday Trackday 11 July
Mettet Speed Trackday 17 July
Mettet Speed Trackday 21 August
Stage 2 days 22 August
Mettet Speed Trackday 06 September
MOTOREN&TOERISME TrackDay 09 September
D.O.C. Belgium TrackDay Experience 10 September
Mettet Speed Trackday 20 September
Mettet Speed Trackday 02 October
Mettet Speed Trackday 16 October
Customer satisfaction ★★★★★


Weer een prima dag rijden bedank aan het hele team !

Première fois sur piste avec ma StreetFighter.
Première chute en moto dans un...

Hartelijk dank Wim voor de goede begelijding ;-)

Equipe et organisation au top. continuez comme ça !

Merci à Eric ainsi qu'à toute l'équipe pour cet encadrement...


How to reserve ?

Reservation and registration procedure:

  1. Choose your activity via "Calendar" or "Reservations".
    Go to the "Calendar" page or "Activities - Reservations" to proceed to the reservation-registration of your day by clicking on "RESERVE".
    You will be redirected to the form in the "MY RESERVATIONS" tab of your "PERSONAL PAGE". after authentication.
  2. Login / Register
    If you are a member of the Mertens Riding School, log in with your login details, otherwise click on "REGISTER". in order to introduce the essential data then complete your profile via the tab "PERSONAL PAGE" by logging in with the identifiers received by e-mail.
  3. Fill in the form
    Fill in the reservation form specifying the type of ride, the characteristics of your motorcycle and optionally the meal and/or the rental of protective gear.
    If you wish to receive an invoice, you can also enter your contact information here. (any subsequent request can be made up to eight days after the activity. See our general conditions)
    Finish by selecting the desired payment method and accepting our terms and conditions.
  4. Proceed to payment
    Upon registration of the reservation, you will be redirected to our secure payment system to choose a payment method.
  5. Great, you are registered!
    As soon as we receive your payment, we will be able to confirm your registration by e-mail.

Gift certificate or "Voucher":

You have received - or we have had the pleasure of giving you - a voucher for the amount of xxx euros with the personal code : xxxxxxxxxx

- How can I take advantage of it?

When you make your next reservation online, please mention this personal code on the "MY CAGNOTTE" page beforehand. It will allow our system to deduct the amount of the balance due for any Mertens Riding School activity in the current year.

- You have already booked an activity but it is not yet paid for?

If you have already made a reservation without paying for it. It is possible to ask us to delete it in order to restart the reservation process and enjoy your voucher directly.

- Your next reservation has been paid and is therefore valid as a registration?

If your reservation has already been paid. We do not issue refunds, but this voucher remains valid for another MRS activity of your choice.

This voucher is valid only once and must be deposited within the year of its validity. It does not qualify for a refund or a credit note.

More details ?

We advise you to visit our « Useful Information » page and to read our general conditions.

See you on the track,

Stéphane Mertens