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Calendar 2024
MRS TrackDay 01 April
Mettet XP Speed 17 April
YAMAHA Day - meal offered 03 May
Mettet XP Speed 06 May
Stage 1 day 21 May
Mettet XP Speed 22 May
Mettet XP Speed 03 June
MRS TrackDay 08 June
MRS TrackDay 09 June
Stage 1 day 25 June
Mettet XP Speed 26 June
Mettet XP Speed 01 July
FRANCORCHAMPS 2 days Trackday 08 July
FRANCORCHAMPS Trackday of monday 08 July
FRANCORCHAMPS Trackday of Tuesday 09 July
Stage 1 day 16 July
Mettet XP Speed 17 July
Mettet XP Speed 21 August
Stage 2 days 22 August
Mettet XP Speed 02 September
MOTOREN&TOERISME TrackDay 07 September
D.O.C. Belgium TrackDay Experience 08 September
Mettet XP Speed 18 September
Mettet XP Speed 30 September
Mettet XP Speed 14 October
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J'ai appris beaucoup de nouvelles choses. Malgré une chute, sans conséquence. Je...

Merci la Team Braco Mertens Riding School

Merci, bonne reprise après 17 ans d'arrêt !
Olivier et ses conseils top.

Journée mémorable, au top, merci à la Mertens Riding School !

Parmi les organisations les plus professionnelles et avec une très belle ambiance !


Useful info

flammeA reservation is validated by its payment. The latter must credit our account at least 3 working days before the event. You will then receive a confirmation of your registration.

Therefore, reservations validated by bank payment become registrations. These are always given priority over any same-day registrations.

Depending on the event, participants receive by e-mail the latest practical information including the timing on D-2.

Registration is possible on the morning of the event - subject to availability!

For more info on payment terms, see our terms and conditions here.

Welcome formalities: Mandatory Procédure

1°. According to the schedule of the group designated by the email "USEFUL INFORMATION", go to the reception with your identity card for the administrative formalities.

2°. On weekends and holidays, have your motorcycle checked at the static sound check organized on site.

3°. Participate in the briefing.

WELCOME from 07h00 07h30 08h00 08h25
until 07h30 08h00 08h25 08h55
BRIEFING 08h25 08h25 08h25 09h00
SESSIONS 09h00 09h20 09h40 10h00
... 10h20 10h40 11h00 11h20
... 11h40 12h00 12h20 12h40
13h00 - 14h00 Break => SILENCE !
13h30 - Upgrading of groups.
SESSIONS 14h00 14h20 14h40 15h00
... 15h20 15h40 16h00 16h20
... 16h40 17h00 17h20 17h40

Minor (under 18 years old): mandatory condition

  • Present a license OR a biparental authorization + signatures of both parents legalized by the municipal administration.

Unlicensed driver under 16 years old:

  • Wear an MRS school fluorescent vest.
  • To be accompanied - followed - by an adult pilot during the driving sessions (availability of an instructor upon request).
  • Be registered in the "Beginner" group at the beginning of the day.
Nb: all foreign licenses must be accompanied by an exit permit issued by the pilot's federation.


briefingAt the beginning of each day, the briefing is mandatory for ALL.

After the presentations, it allows to state the course of the day and especially to (re)discover the essential rules of safety for the driving on circuit.

In order to respect the timing, it is strongly advised to attend the briefing in equipment.

Mandatory protective equipment:

HELMET Modular tolerated Integral mandatory
It must be strapped in and its visor lowered upon entering the track.
Its validity date, approval and condition can be checked at any time.
GO PRO cameras cannot be attached to it.
SUIT Pants + jacket attached to textiles tolerated A mandatory leather one piece
Must be closed upon entering the runway.
Jeans pants are not allowed.
BOOT Rigid and tall Rigid and tall
High motorcycle sneakers and short boots or booties are not allowed.
GLOVE In leather for motorcycle use In leather with anti-abrasion reinforcement
DORSALE Integrated into the jacket Removable shell

Possibility of renting a partial or complete equipment when booking online.

Sound control:

sonometreWarning: the noise limit set in Mettet is 94 decibels in static and 101 in dynamic. See the possible modifications on the website of the circuit.

Any motorcycle that does not meet this standard may be refused access to the track.

The original or adaptable exhaust system with dB Killer is mandatory.

Sound checks are regularly carried out by the circuit of Mettet.


A gas station is located 400 m from the circuit and you must wear a helmet to get there on your motorcycle! No wheeling and respect for other road users. Thank you for contributing to the positive image of the motorcyclist.

Plan to refuel before the start of each mid-day, morning and afternoon, so as not to disrupt the flow of activities.


  • Personal accident insurance : Can be subscribed when you book online or in the morning on site. (agreement sample)
  • Cancellation/interruption insurance : Can be subscribed at least one month before the day with our partner Assuracing.

Medical assistance: Belgium driving aid a.S.B.L.

35_doctorThe medical assistance is composed - at least - of a doctor, two nurses and an ambulance.

The medical center is located on the first floor of the tower.


No one under 16 is allowed in the pit lane.

Animals are not allowed in the immediate vicinity of the circuit and in the pit lane. Dogs must be tied up in the paddock and/or in the parking lots.

Technical assistance:

  • A technical area is provided.
  • A mechanic can help if needed
  • Presence of a tire service


  • Suitable for all activities. The timing allows to control the good homogeneity of the groups in order to optimize the safety and the pleasure for all.
  • The groups are reconstituted at mid-day.


  • A photo service allows you to leave with your best moments in pictures. For all online orders, here are the coordinates of Marc Bossiroy's website :


  • Trackdays: Snacks and drinks available at the circuit cafeteria. Reservation of your meal on espace-diabolo.
  • Stages : Dish of the day to be reserved when you register.