The MRS team and its instructors

Calendar 2024
MRS TrackDay 01 April
Mettet XP Speed 17 April
YAMAHA Day - meal offered 03 May
Mettet XP Speed 06 May
Stage 1 day 21 May
Mettet XP Speed 22 May
Mettet XP Speed 03 June
MRS TrackDay 08 June
MRS TrackDay 09 June
Stage 1 day 25 June
Mettet XP Speed 26 June
Mettet XP Speed 01 July
FRANCORCHAMPS 2 days Trackday 08 July
FRANCORCHAMPS Trackday of monday 08 July
FRANCORCHAMPS Trackday of Tuesday 09 July
Stage 1 day 16 July
Mettet XP Speed 17 July
Mettet XP Speed 21 August
Stage 2 days 22 August
Mettet XP Speed 02 September
MOTOREN&TOERISME TrackDay 07 September
D.O.C. Belgium TrackDay Experience 08 September
Mettet XP Speed 18 September
Mettet XP Speed 30 September
Mettet XP Speed 14 October
Customer satisfaction ★★★★★


Très belle journée, entouré de gens super sympa ;-)

Ik ben helemaal nieuw in het rijden op circuit dus hoopte op een goede begeleiding van de Mertens...

Une superbe journée avec Mertens Riding School et très bonne ambiance !

Bonne organisation, accueil sympathique. Respect des horaires. Attentif à la...

Quelle parfaite journée !! Si vous hésitez à participer aux Trackday, ne...


Our team

The Mertens Riding School uses experienced instructors of international standing. All of them have been successful on the circuit and have a great experience of competition. They will give you the essential advice to improve or to start well on the circuit.

The team is also composed of very experienced « motorcycle school » instructors who will guide motorcyclists with a « road » profile towards a better control of their motorcycle.



stephane Stéphane Mertens (FR - NL - EN)

Founder of the Mertens Riding School.
ADEPS instructor.
World Endurance Champion 1995 & 2002.
Vice World Superbike Champion 1989.

eric Eric Brun (FR)

ADEPS instructor.
Multiple Belgian champion.

gauthier Gauthier de Graillet (FR)

Instructor - Motorcycle school trainer.

gregory Grégory Rousseau (FR)

ADEPS instructor.

wim Wim Depraetere (NL - FR - EN)

Instructor - Motorcycle school trainer.


heikkiHeikki Sermon (FR - NL - GB - DE)

BMA – Mettet Experience Managing Director.

manonManon Briand (FR - NL - GB)

Marketing Assistant & Events Organizer.

eric Eric Brun (FR)

Logistics management.

anthonyAnthony Ward (FR - NL- GB - DE)

Logistics management.

simonSimon Di Silvio (FR)

Technical Assistance.

jacky Jacky Matagne (FR)

Pit lane management.
Belgian Champion, World Endurance Championship.